How To Buy A Motorbike In Vietnam

Motorbiking is a very popular mode of transportation in Vietnam today. It’s more affordable than moped or scooter riding, and it’s much more stable than bicycles or rowing machines.

Many people new to motorcycling choose the Honda VTX 1800 as their first motorcycle. This is a smooth, lightweight, and efficient machine that can be adjusted for rider height and weight. They are inexpensively priced at around US$100-150, making it accessible for most people.

Another good motorcycle for beginners is the Yamaha RM1. These have dual suspension systems to make them feel more comfortable as the rider gets used to them, plus they are pretty durable. The RM1 does not have as many adjustment settings as the VTX but still! You can do it!

As you learn how to ride a motorbike, the biggest tip is to keep your seat height correct.

Find the type of bike you want

how to buy a motorbike in vietnam

When you’re ready to buy a bike, the first thing to do is to find the type of bike that you want.

There are two main types of bikes in Vietnam: mountain bikes and road bikes. Mountain bikes can be street or off-street. Off-road bikes can be dirt or pavement. Most people buy mountain bikes in nice, shiny new condition as they are difficult to sell and get your money back if you don’t like it.

There are two main reasons people buy new motorcycles in poor condition: one, you can’t resell it and two, if you have to take it away at some point, it’ll be easier to remove the rings from the motorcycle because of the oil stains on them.

New motorcycles usually come with a battery box and charger which were installed when they were manufactured.

Find a dealer

how to buy a motorbike in vietnam

Before you can buy a motorcycle in Vietnam, you must find a motorcycle dealer. This is important to do because many bike dealers are not cycling friendly.

Many of them will direct you to their competitors, who may sell you a bike that is not safe or appropriate for your style of riding. If you are more advanced in your riding, they may suggest a different bike for you- but only with the right dealer.

When looking for a dealer, make sure the location is convenient and has enough parking space. If there is no adequate parking, ask if they have any other places where riders can store their bikes.

Buy the helmet first

how to buy a motorbike in vietnam

First, find a motorcycle dealer that will let you test ride the bike before you purchase it. This is important because once you ride the bike, the dealer will need to make your license and insurance payment.

There are many ways to buy a motorcycle in Vietnam. You can go to a regular motorcycle dealer, or even a specialized bike store. The way they do this is by visiting their shop and showing them your home address and phone number. Then, they bring you out on the bike to see if you like it.

These specialized shops can be hard to find. Most don’t have their own websites, but they may have Facebook pages or even personal motorbike riders that will help find one for you.

Test ride the bike

how to buy a motorbike in vietnam

Once you’ve found a bike that you love to ride, it’s time to test ride it! The best places to do this are on a so so day, or during the week if you have some free time.

Most motorcycle shops will let you go out on the bike with just your driver’s license as proof of ownership. But if you have an International license, like I did, then you must present your International License before being allowed on the bike.

Either way, make sure you know your limits of speed, how hard the bike can handle and what position you should be in on the seat.

Look over the contract

how to buy a motorbike in vietnam

As with most things, reading the motorcycle contract very carefully will help you save a lot of time and money. The best way to do this is to look over it several times to make sure you understand it.

The initial agreement includes basic terms such as who pays for what when and how much each pays in taxes and fees. These can be tough to understand at first, so make sure you check out what the other parties payers have to put into context.

As with any large deal, there will be some dry sections that must be kept in mind. While it is hard to focus while reading something down, keep an eye out for little dry spots that might add more value or confusion.

Have a lawyer look at it

how to buy a motorbike in vietnam

Before you buy a motorcycle in Vietnam, it is best to have a professional look over your bike to make sure it is safe to ride. There are many things that can go wrong while riding a motorcycle in Vietnam, making it recommended that you have a helmet and good foot skills.

It is also important to check the tires and brake pads before making the purchase, as well as check the motorcycle for body integrity issues such as open edges around exposed muscles. Make sure the seller can prove that the machine is intact if needed!

Being able to do some basic repairs on your own will also help give you more confidence when riding your bike in Vietnam.

Many motorbike shops offer safety courses so they can help you out if you have trouble at home with doing repairs on your own.

Pay in cash not check

how to buy a motorbike in vietnam

Most motorcycle shops will offer you a price in cash instead of in a check. This is due to the fact that most banks do not account for foreign currency, and will charge you a transaction fee if you pay in check rather than cash.

This may seem complicated at first, but it quickly becomes easy after! Because the shop will receive both types of payment, they will charge you less on the bank account and easier for him to assess if you are a good rider.

Try calling the shop and asking them- many are willing to do that as long as you are patient! It takes about an hour for him to process your payment, so this is definitely worth it.

Get motorcycle insurance

When you ride a motorcycle in Vietnam, you need to have motorcycle insurance. It is also good to have a helmet and other safety gear. Without the right insurance, you may be forced to leave the motorcycle at home or parked in a public place without being covered.

Also called ‘motorbike insurance,’ this product covers you against loss or damage to your bike while riding on Vietnamese roads. The company must also offer liability coverage, which covers you and others if your bike is involved in an accident.

Many companies offer lower premiums if you belong to a bike club or wear a helmet. Even though membership fees may seem high, it will save you from having to buy identical cover at the official shop.

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