How Motorbike Wash

A Motorcycle Wash is a great way to prep your bike for the next ride. They can be purchased at most convenience stores and bike shops. The ingredients are relatively simple and consist of water, salts, detergent, and brush. The trick is to mix them up so that they actually clean the bike!

By mixing up the salts and detergent in the wash, you are creating different cleaning agents in your wash. The detergent helps remove motor oil and other stains, while the salt protects it from being dryed out. By using a different-colored wash for each stroke of the brush, you can tell which part of the bike it washes.

These products are a great way to clean your bike before a big outing or ride. Many riders use them to keep their bikes ready for when something happens to their own equipment.

Put bike wash in the bucket

how motorbike wash

Now, put a handful of clean white towels in the bucket. Make sure there are enough to cover the bike completely and still have some space.

Put the wash water in as well and mix it up.

Then, put your bike inside and leave it alone!

You will need to do this a few times to ensure your bike is covered completely and that the water gets into all parts of the bike.

How long you leave it for is up to you- some take more than others! Just make sure you get back to washing your bike quickly after finishing!

Do not worry about draining the water from your bike or checking for spots of dye or stain as these will not wash out. You would need to use a different type of washer for that.

Put bike wash on the bike

how motorbike wash

Once you have the wash solution, its time to put it on the bike. You can do this either by pouring it into a container and spraying or pouring it into a pump and dispensing.

We suggest using the latter as it is faster! If you have to use the former, make sure that there is enough liquid for the bike. A little goes a long way!

If you choose to use the former method, make sure that your hands are dry before applying the wash. You want to avoid leaving wet hands or feet to later scrub off the wash.

To dispensing, take your time putting all of your fingers and then all of your thumb and one finger on the end of the pump. Then, push down and release to spray! Make sure not to over-spray as that could cause water to come out while washing which would not dry out the bike properly.

Wash the bike

how motorbike wash

After you ride the bike through a rain, snow, or dry weather, it’s time to get it clean! Many people use the phrase “after the winter storm” but that is actually after a rain or storm.

Getting your bike wet can be tricky. You have to be very careful with getting water in the tubes and around the wheels. We suggest using a brush to gently work out any dirt trapped inside the frame and wheels.

Try using a fine-tooth Q-tip if you have some available. The paper may be too thick to effectively wash out all the water!

After washing your bike, let it dry completely on its own or with a hair dryer set on low.

Rinse the bike

how motorbike wash

After washing the bike, it is time to dry it. This is the most important step of cleaning a motorcycle. If you do not dry the motorcycle properly, then it can be dangerous.

You must use a drying method that does not leave water on the surface of the bike. There are several ways to dry your motorcycle, but we suggest using a high quality towel and leaving it unfolded while you work.

Make sure to never use anything that might be flame retardant or wet during drying, as these would prevent the bike from being fully cleaned.

Dry the bike

how motorbike wash

After you wash the bike, it is time to dry it. This means removing it from the wash stand and playing with your phone or computer? Because there is no washing line or dryer nearby, this is done with a couple of hand towels.

You can use a hair dryer, but we suggest using a strong one because these are hard to find. You can also use an oven mitt if you have one!

If you do not have a drying technique that works for you, do not worry. We have some tips in this article for you to try!

Dry the bike by passing it under warm air from the drying machine or by setting it on a cool roof rack.

Apply polish to the bike

how motorbike wash

Now it is time to give your bike a little polish. You can do this in several ways. One popular way is to use a small amount of polish and brush over the entire bike, then wipe with a dry cloth to remove extra.

The other option is to use a wipe rag and then place the polish on the bike. Leave it until all of the polish has disappeared then rinse and buff.

Both of these methods require some practice and getting the hang of, but they are very rewarding. By taking care of your bike in this way, you are supporting yourself and future riders!

As with any new skill, start slow and easy.

Wash your hands

how motorbike wash

After changing your oil and cleaning your chain and gears, it is time to wash them. Try not to let any oil or mud stick to your hands- even a little can make a difference when it comes to operating your machine.

With dirt or oil, you can try using a commercial motorcycle wash product, though some say it doesn’t work as advertised. If you want to try your own washing method, use cold water and mild detergent. Don’t forget to dry yourself after washing!

How long you leave the machine running will determine how clean the wash gets.

Dry your hands

how motorbike wash

After washing your hands, be sure to dry them properly. You can use a paper towel, or even the back of a magazine can work as a paper towel.

Theres a difference between being dried completely, and being just rubbed through a cloth. Both are beneficial, but one requires more effort than the other.

If you want to get more out of your hands, make sure to keep washing them until they are very dry. If you have kids or anyone else in your care with poor hygiene habits, giving them time to wash is important.

Dryer sheets can help save time when washing dishes or cleaning up after meals as well. They are also a great way to fight off germs and seasonal flu because they keep them from sticking.

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